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        Series: Winter season/2015冬季
        Name: Renaissance Painting/奢華油畫風格文藝復興手繪宗教小天使復古花卉云彩花型
        Fabric: 40D Taffeta/ Polyester/320T滌塔夫
        Pattern: Renaissance oil painting is classic forever, it has the lingering charm in any era, when used in apparel, you will feel it being alive. Its richness with colors and hierarchical patterns which are the others can’t reach.
        Technology: Digital printing/數碼印花
        Patterns printed on the fabric directly from the machine, very fast and convenient, only electronic version needed, no color limited, like paper print.
        Feature: Polyester fabric is light, thin, smooth, used most often in the world. It is widely used and in low cost. It is always designers’ favor, used in the high-grade suit as lining material. And now high density taffeta is used in down jacked as fabric. This time we show you the most popular fabric in the world combines with the most classic Renaissance painting pattern, give you a new version and brushy touch feeling, like peach skin, soft and comfortable.
        Use: Women’s apparel/down jacket fabric/品牌女裝、羽絨服



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