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        " When the family enterprise" staff good sisters

        Wujiang City Qili textile Bao Xiaoying of general manager of limited company

        [ source: Oriental textile network | Author: Chen Wenting | time:2010-5-19 15: 14:37| subscription" Oriental textile" weekly | subscription prices short message ] [ ] big small

        The helmsman of the boat before deciding the direction of the row, the boss height decides the enterprise development level. For Shengze private entrepreneurs, the boss directly determines the development of enterprises.

        For a family of only20 looms a small company, you will choose what kind of development road? Yes, do do greatly strong. But I do do greatly strong? Is the high-end positioning, each breakthroughs; or to start from the trivial, Seiko secret agents to win customers? Most people want high starting point, want to have a high position, but the Wujiang City Qili textile company limited but will look at conventional polyester taffeta. General manager Bao Xiaoying thinks, polyester taffeta market is in Shengze the last Changshengbucui products, of course, is also a profit is very thin products. " Qili" seize the others don't want, but an indispensable product -- polyester taffeta, with one action to create Shengze famous brand -- Qili green taffeta.

        Localization of polyester taffeta create " Qili billet"

        Wujiang City Qili textile Limited is a company specializing in the production of conventional polyester taffeta production enterprises, was founded in 2002, is a young enterprise. In the intensive and meticulous farming concept, the company created its own unique taffeta brand -- Qili blank, this brand is a cheap U.S. flag, is an embodiment of competitiveness.

        Bao Xiaoying told reporters:" Shaoxing has several guests,5, for 6 years, but there are not seen, they believe Qili brand, but in the actual use of the course, Chely billet benefits everyone to see." Plant also has close to 10years, but" Qili" has not received a complaint, without encountering a return, this is praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct in Shengze. Bao Xiaoying from the management constraint employee, from the emotional infected employees, from their start, strictly regulate the product, to create a" zero" production enterprises.

        The textile industry is the traditional industry of pillar of economy of our country and an important livelihood industries, is currently in China to a strong international competitive advantage industry. In order to improve the domestic and international market competitiveness, textile enterprises most lays eyes on the compression cost of this pathway, and" Qili" this is another view. Bao Xiaoying said the cost of compression, only the initial stage of the competition, to long-term development needs good management technology and textile technology to do that.

        During the interview, Bao Xiaoying declined to 2orders, she said the shop have no ability to take the big list, one of Hangzhou 's customers mouth is about500000 meters of polyester taffeta, but currently only 5000meters. Bao Xiaoying smiled and told reporters, we seek truth from facts, never to customer do hold promise.

        Do the staff a good sister, good friends

        She has also bought a lot of production, management books, such as teacher Li Qiang" work for yourself","2 hours" brand quality and so on, every time she summarizes the book essence, combined with practical, all told staff listen. Weaving workshop there is no computer, no projector, nor any teaching facilities, she put the staff in a batch to the marketing department, and then to small computer employees to do private training. A power outage, outlets, but specified time to study, to learn where to go? Bao Xiaoying will be the organization to Chinese silk net meeting rooms, more than 30 employees a sitting in the conference room, the environment changed, but the teacher is unchanged, the wonderful degree change course.

        Bao Xiaoying is not only a good teacher staff, she is also very focused on emotional education. Monthly salary in Shengze in the level, but also on time according to the point of release. In addition, he also frequently organize staff to go to the Jinghu Park, photography; also do not regularly go to KFC for all employees will be ordering, every meeting for every employee to fresh fruit. Don 't cost much, but the heart, the staff know that feeling, staff approval.

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