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          Add : No. 10, Building 24, Colored &
          Gray Commercial District, Oriental Silk Market, Shengze, Wujiang, Jiangsu Province, China
          P.C : 215228
          Contact : Ms. Bao Xiaoying
          Tel : +86-512-63561135
          Fax : +86-512-63526817
          Home >> About us

                The company, located in silk capital of China - Shengze Town in Wujiang, is a professional brand taffeta manufacturer. Based on the concept of precision working, the company create the "Qilipi" brand taffeta with strong competitiveness to meed customer needs. The company has stable taffeta customer base now. "Qilipi" taffeta is the top two in the industry and we are rated as powerful taffeta fabric supplier by the industry.
                "Qilipi" brand taffeta,The first brand in Wujiang!

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